15 Reasons Why The Simpsons is the Best. TV Comedy. Ever.

Comic Book Guy might even like it.

Even Comic Book Guy might like it. I repeat – might.

  1. It’s about everything. Similar to SeinfeldThe Simpsons started as a show about everyday life, but has emerged into so much more. In the series premiere, patriarch Homer takes on a second job to afford Christmas presents for his family. Since then, he has been to space, the family has visited numerous countries, and son Bart has won a pet elephant – seriously.
  2. It’s smart. The writers are the unsung heroes of the show. They’re still generating scripts 28 seasons later. They deftly blend complex themes with different kinds of humor. Twenty-four of the writers attended Harvard University and have hidden complex math elements in numerous episodes. (more…)

House of Pain “fan” not tired of jumping around

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Perry, before he entered the House of Pain

Perry, before he entered the House of Pain

BOSTON — A self-proclaimed fanatic of the hip hop trio House of Pain, Damon Perry has listened to the group’s hit, “Jump Around,” more than 3,000 times in 2015 alone.

“They just really speak to fake Irish guys like myself,” he shouts in between swigs of O’Doul’s.

Perry’s incessant enjoyment of the song is accompanied by his energetic leaps into the air.

“I just pretend I’m getting ready to ball against Magic and the Lakers.” He puts on his green Larry Bird jersey.

When I inform Perry that House of Pain has released other songs, he promptly stops hopping and vomits into a wastebasket.

“Dude, I had no idea. I’ll have to check them out.”

Cleveland: 13+ Reasons to Still Love Our Teams

Anyone who knows something about Cleveland, knows that it has had the short end of the stick in sports. Cleveland hasn’t won a professional basketball, baseball, or football championship in 49 50 51 years. (RIP Cleveland Crunch/Force, who won soccer championships three times in the ‘90s.)

(Look for Jeff Phelps and Otto Freakin’ Orf at 0:23!)

Most fans don’t count that, though. I find it funny that we never TALK about staying positive or reasons to do so – we just do. Like some foam-finger-wearing drones. Lest we forget WHY we still devote our lives to these teams, I figured we could use some reminders…